Q: What is a clutch delay valve and what does the delete do?

A: The clutch hydraulic system on a lot of modern vehicles has a fluid dampener that slows down the fluid in the system. What does that mean? That means that the input you give the car with your left foot is not being received by the vehicle in real time, creating a vague and unresponsive feeling pedal that can be hard to modulate properly. Deleting the valve with a Seb's Garage CDV Delete Kit will make your vehicle feel much more responsive, improve shift times and drivetrain response.


Q: Will deleting the CDV cause any issues?

A: Absolutely not! Deleting the CDV will simplify the clutch hydraulic system and allow you to more easily engage the clutch - therefore shortening the amount of time you are having to do so - which may actually increase your clutch life.


Q: After installing the CDV kit I can't get the system to hold pressure,  what do I do?

A: It is always recommended to bleed the clutch system manually with the assistance of another person. Make sure to top off the clutch fluid after every opening of the bleed screw, as the fluid capacity of the system is very small and it's easy to introduce air into the system if not careful. Once you think you're done and you get several consistent streams of fluid without any air bubbles - do some more! Make sure that there is no trapped air in the system, and also make sure that the slave cylinder isn't leaking behind the boot as that is a common failure point that is often missed.


Q: Will your parts fit on RHD vehicles?

A: None of the products have been tested on RHD vehicles as I do not have access to any as of yet. Certain items are universal and will fit (such as mirror brackets, horn delete, tow hook) but others are made with certain distances and measurements in mind which change from LHD to RHD vehicles (CDV deletes, dead pedals).


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do! Please contact us to ensure the parts you are looking to order will work with your vehicle and to get an international shipping quote.